• Career Counselling and Motivational Sessions
  • Career Counselling and Motivational Sessions 

           stepping stone to success for a positive thinker. It can be a stumbling block for a negative thinker. We did not assess students based on their grades; rather, we assessed them based on their feelings, attitudes, and relationships.  

    There are two distinct meanings for the phrase "I can't do it," as used by students. Do they mean to indicate they don't want to or that they don't know how to? If they lack the necessary knowledge, coaching or teaching is required. If they indicate they don't want to, there can be a problem with their attitude (they don't care) or their ideals (they believe they should not do it). 

    Preparing for a competitive exam is a difficult phase for any aspirant. There are times when peer pressure, exam pressure, and college/work pressure make every student weak; this is when a student seeks the help of a career counselor and motivator. And when it comes to guiding, mentoring, and motivating, there is no better institute than Inspire Academy. Students attend regular motivational sessions. Our experts conduct both individual and group motivational sessions. Our students are taught to achieve results while remaining focused and energetic.

    INSPIRE ACADEMY's career guidance and motivational sessions cover educational, professional, personal, and other types of guidance. The sole goal of the career guidance program is to improve the student's social image and status, as well as to develop his personality. By organizing special lectures on personality development, the Institute has begun to promote the activity of developing student's skills for various competitive examinations. The following are the goals of career counseling at INSPIRE ACADEMY:

    • To raise student awareness of various competitive examinations.
    • To provide the necessary information and guidance for the competitive $ Entrance examination.
    • To prepare students for competitive and entrance exams.
    • To ensure that students make the best use of their time spent outside of the classroom.
    • To encourage students to study in groups in order to achieve better results.
    • To aid in the student's overall development.
    • To aid in the selection of appropriate courses.
    • assist students in developing soft skills and verbal ability to withstand the rigors of competitive tests.
    • To instill social values and the ability to think independently in order to fulfill social responsibilities.